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Name: NessieSenpai

Role: Founder and Editor in Chief

Likes: Fullmetal Achemist, Digimon, Kigurumis, B1A4, BTS, Downtown, Chicken and Soca music

Dislikes: Creatures with eight legs, beer and certain Kpop fandoms but I wont name names in case I get SLAUGHTERED

Hey there everyone! I’m a born and bred Londoner whose love of Japanese culture stemmed from obsessing over Digimon as a young child. This has now expanded into the world of Japanese Variety Shows, Anime, Manga, J-Pop and J-Rock, Food… and in recent years a love of Korean Dramas, Kpop and shows such as Running Man. Unhealthy obsessions include watching anything that has B1A4, BTS, 2PM, BigBang or Super Junior in it religiously until I almost know it off by heart. Also obsessing over the certain body parts of certain people…

1003317_10201506187638304_498704670_nName: VeteranSplasher

Role: Sub Editor and Head of Korean Section

Likes: Leaders and maknaes of groups, Korean hip hop, Lady Gaga, Korean musicals, green tea food/drink/products, watching running water, gore, zombies and puzzle

Dislikes: Clowns, aliens, a majority of people in the kpop fandoms (aka: the crazies), spiders, remakes of movies, and bands not singing live without a really good excuse

After being in the Korean and Kpop world for over 13 years, VeteranSplasher has taken to writing about their observations and obsessions within the Kpop fandom. At the same time they have explored the Korean Culture and learned a few insightful things along the way.
After interviewing some big names in the Korean Entertainment Industry, VeteranSplasher can give over their full and honest opinion on what is happening within the ever growing Hallyu Wave.
If you need some questions answered, don’t be scared to drop this old timer a message, they are always willing to answer in the best way they can!


Name: SurfinHaruru

Role: Sub Editor and Forum Officiando

Likes: nogcha, dancing, bibimbap, Dragonball Z, dogs, Action Comedies, video games, practising Martial Arts, Running Man, cooking, Super Junior, teaching, EXO, doing my hair, B.A.P., playing pranks, collecting, Devil May Cry, being aegyo. *^^v

Dislikes: olives, animal cruelty, aggressive fans, homophobes, bad covers of good songs, too much chocolate, being bored, haters, rainy days

Annyeonghaseyo, chingudeul!! Hello, friends!! You can call me Haruru! ^^v I have been surrounded by east asian culture for most of my life, only recently being able to share it with my friends, most of whom I met through doing Cosplay and visiting conventions! I live and work in London, and have attended a number of Popular Culture events and blogged about them; maybe now I can put them where they will actually be read, haha!! I enjoy many Japanese and Korean movies, and I’m a little out of touch with Anime right now, but I still read over my classic Manga/Manhwa collection!!
I like my K-pop/HipHop, and J-Rock, and LOVE my Variety shows! I’m also super into cooking, I love to sing and dance, and teaching people Korean when I am able. 🙂
Don’t be shy – you can talk to me! ^^V


Name: Usagicha

Role: Head of Japanese Section

 Likes: Shingeki no Kyojin, otome games, macarons, stars, and Rilakkuma! Green tea of ALL flavours. CNU, Donghae and Diggy Mo! Secret hidden pleasure: Horror movies

Dislikes: Koalas, fish, jerks, moths

Hey there cool kids, Emma’s the name and … spazzing out over thing’s the game! I am an all round fan of a lot of things, shoujo manga, retro shoujo manga, random Japanese hip hop, Kpop, random Japanese things… I mean really random (´∇ノ`*)ノ I get really into my fandoms, but I always try to be nice! Also I live in Ireland, so a lot of my things will be done from this side of the water! ღ

vickyiconName: VickyAngel

Role: Japanese Section writer

Likes: Languages, tasty food, dramas, k-pop, musicals, video games and sewing.

Dislikes: The cold, sasaengs, watery hot chocolate.

I’m Vicky, and I write for the Japanese section of JaK! I’m currently studying Modern Languages (Spanish with Japanese and a side of Italian), so I’ll be bringing you the Japanese language side of things! I have a love for Korean culture as well as Japanese, and have worked in various roles at conventions, so I have a fair bit of knowledge of this little scene we have going on! I’m always happy to share my love for all this stuff with everyone, so I hope to see you around!~