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When we first heard that Boys Republic were coming to London as part of their European Tour, I was quite surprised. I will admit that I knew next to nothing about the group as a whole- their debut came at a time when there were a slew of new boy and girl groups back in 2013. So I was able to go to the show without bias and take in the group at face value.

20150704_200648We rocked up just after 7pm to settle in at the back of the venue (long gone are the days where I would shove myself at the front; the Babymetal fiasco was an accidental one off and one I regretted physically for days after) and prepared myself for what the group were going to bring to the intimate O2 Academy Islington. Or at least I thought I was prepared because what occurred I was not ready for!

The crowd was buzzing from the start and I have not felt that kind of electricity in a crowd for a long time! When the boys finally came on stage the screams were deafening as they launched straight into their performance with the ferocity of a group who wanted to stir up the crowd into a frenzy – And boy did they! We were also treated to some solo stages from the members who did various English covers from the ever classic sing-a-long “Angels” by Robbie Williams (which got the whole audience singing as it is such a British classic) to the all-time classic “Come Fly With Me”.

20150704_213020 Even when the boys took a break to allow them time to rest and the piano artist  Choi Soo Min had his set, the crowd received him with open arms. A handsome  man with a talent of rearranging classical pieces, the songs he played still had the  crowd dancing! There were a number of us having a fancy jig to an interpretation  of a piece from Carmen; something that I never thought I would have been doing  in my lifetime!

I think what made the event amazing was the fact Boys Republic endeavoured to speak as much English as they could (which was quite a bit actually – there were no major communication struggles with the crowd and audience) and there was a lot of interaction. There was even a short game where members of the audience were picked to play the ever popular charades with the group as well as a lot of up close fan service that felt a lot more personal due to the size of the crowd who had the same kind of energy and hype as 12,000 people at BigBang in 20150704_214146Wembley Arena back in 2012.

I have to say that this was one of the best K-Pop concerts that I have ever been to. Boys Republic felt like a group who would keep the same energy and enthusiasm to whomever they were performing to, whether it was 5,000 people or five. Because of that, the crowd were incredibly receptive of their energy and it made for a night were after the concert, people were buzzing about what they just witnessed and were still talking about it for well over a week . If that was not a sign of a good concert, I am not sure what is! Boys Republic were fantastic and I look forward to seeing them live again one day – hopefully with a larger fanbase! Now if you excuse us, we at JaK Towers are going to listen to one of our current favourite summer tracks- “Hello“!


Many thanks to Torpedo Productions for bringing the Boys Republic tour to Europe!

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