JaK Wave 2014 Review: Our Concerts/Events of the Year!


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2014 is slowly creeping to a close but we have a few more of these lists to go through… This time around its the best concert or live event that we have been to this year (and we have been to a lot!) So what made our cut?


shinee world 2014

This year I’ve been to more concerts than I’ve ever been before – and the standout has to be SHINee’s ‘SHINee World 2014- I’m Your Boy’ in Tokyo, beating out even SMTown. The first thing that surprised me was the sheer range of ages that the fans were – from young children to even 60 year old women (a lot of older women!). They spoke Japanese the whole time with little to no mistakes, and worked hard to make it enjoyable for everyone. A personal highlight for me was singing ‘Fire’ together as an audience with SHINee, and I can’t wait to see what their Tokyo Dome concert in March will bring!



Having been to all of the concerts to come to Europe i would have to say there are two that completely took me by surprise. The first would have to be LEDapple‘s concert in Rotterdam on Valentine’s Day – Not only was it a memorable experience for their amazing performances, but also for their commitment and dedication to their fans. The second concert would have to be BTS in Berlin, there are simply no words for how hard these boys worked, how much they enjoyed being with their fans by interacting consistently throughout their time on stage…. Both of the acts were memorable, both of them deserve an award!


Babymetal 3

I am blessed working in this industry as I get to go to a lot of concerts and events for work. There were a lot of showcases and concerts I went to this year from BTS in Berlin to Miyavi to B.A.P but the one that really stood out for me without a doubt was the Babymetal World Tour in London. I was a fan from the start and never thought I would get the chance to see them live. So to be right at the front at their first ever sold out London gig was a highlight. I was crushed, battered and bruised at the end of it and I had lost my voice but it was worth it. They are fantastic live performers and for such young girls (their leader, Su-Metal, only just celebrated her 17th birthday!) their stage presence and live vocals are amazing. And despite them being, at heart, a J-Pop group the amount of hardcore metal fans who were there never ceases to surprise me. The Wall of Death (watching, not participating) will always be one of my favourite live experiences of all time. Thank you for gracing us with your appearance, Babymetal!


Well, that is that! We’ll do it all again tomorrow… with a bit more of a serious tone to looking back at the year.

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