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At JaK Wave we are always looking for people who share a similar dedication and passion for Japan and South Korea, and when we do find these people we always offer them the chance to collaborate so they have the can share their passion with our readers – We were very lucky to be in contact with our favourite YouTube couple Richard and Stephanie from HallyuBack who are based in South Korea, and was delighted when they said they would like to collaborate with JaK Wave!

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Once a week we will be doing a round up of our favourite videos from the HallyuBack YouTube page this will consist of a “Newsflash“, “Like It!” and a “Top Fri 5 Day“. As an added bonus one of their “Daily Life” videos will be included from their past which will gradually catch up to present time so you can see what Stephanie and Richard were doing back in the day . Each of these videos contain drama news, local news in Korea and cultural hits that can keep you up to date and in the know. Along with the weekly flashbacks we will be featuring their present day videos about their current lives in Korea and the areas they explore. Thanks to their many videos there is something for everyone if you have an interest in Korean life and living there as a foreigner such as how you can over come troubles you may face if you are planning to move out there and how to go about making a life for yourself whilst exploring the country.

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These articles will be a weekly addition to the Korean section of JaK Wave every week and will give you slice of reality in Korea whilst keeping you up to date on what they are up to. If you would like to see more of HallyuBack’s Videos you can check out their Main Youtube, Daily Life YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Instagram and Website – They are always talking to their fans, and do love to read all of your messages, so be sure to give them some love! We look forward to collaborating with Richard and Stephanie in the creation of “Hallyu Wave” and we hope all our wave riders will enjoy the experience as well. We will also hopefully have a personal interview with the couple very soon so with that in mind, be sure to tune in next week for our first ever “Hallyu Wave: Flashback” article!

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