JaK Wave Roundup: VeteranSplasher’s Happy K-pop 2015 Review (part 1!)


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When the end of one year and the beginning of a new one happens, I always like to look back at songs that have personally affected me and inspired me, then to contemplate what the future could have in store in terms of concerts, comebacks and debuts. 2015 has been a roller coaster of a year for scandals, debuts and comebacks as well as the ever increasing European concerts.

As you can imagine its been hell on earth for trying to pick my favourite songs of the year, and unlike others I ended up with a top 20 of songs which I will spread over 2 articles. This is my first article and obviously the list is in no order, as fans of K-pop will understand how stressful that would be. There are a few surprises thrown in, and I am wondering if you can notice a true change in my styles since last year?

Day 6 – Congratulations

In reality I am not a big JYP Ent fan, I was never heavily into 2PM, Wondergirls but I did have a small incline towards 2AM (until they left for BigHit – Which is classed as its own company, but still within JYP Ent) – So when I heard that JYP had created a boy band I was very apprehensive. Luckily for me they tuned out to be really great guys, and have produced a really awesome album. This release from the album was definitely one of my favourites.

Code Kunst ft Oh Hyuk & Dok2 – Parachute

I have been quiet on the website for a while due to being in my final year in University, as most will understand Uni = STRESS, but one thing I do like to do is place my headphones on my head and listen to this song when things are stressing me a little too much. With the soft melody, the entrancing vocals of Oh Hyuk, and the power words of Dok2, this is definitely one of my 2015 anthems.

Hyukoh – Comes And Goes

Having met the Hyukoh band whilst in Korea back in September and hearing them perform live, I was completely blown away and left smitten with each one of the members. The soft band music, which allows a chirpy yet slightly retro sound , along with Oh Hyuks gravely and coarse voice just brings the whole song together. It was through this release that I found myself with a new musical muse in my work.

Bangtan Boys (BTS) – Dope

Its no secret that members of the JaK Wave family are pretty much taken by BTS, and in a way we might be slightly biased by them – But we dont always agree on which release is the best. For myself I found it pretty hard to pick just one song, but the other song wasn’t technically released ( I was going to pick “Butterfly” as it makes me cry every time I hear it) so I went to my second choice which is “Dope”. This song has to be one of the most ingenious release’s of Bangtan’s in my eyes, the catchiness of the song, the individuality of each of the members parts within the song allows a different feeling and in a way  I think the song represents their teamwork more than ever.

CL – Hello Bitches

Surprise!!! If any of you follow me on Facebook you will understand why this is a big turn of events. When this first came out I was pretty much appalled that CL had gone a hole new route and basically gone very western – like she was trying to fit in with the cool kids. I did get a lot of backlash (even people declaring I didn’t have the right to even speak about her – even if I found her inspiring?) so I thought I would give the song a second chance. In reality, although this isnt really a true anthem for me, and some of the lyrics are to be desired, I honestly LOVED the music. It was this that basically changed my mind, and although I prefer the instrumental version more, I have to hand it to her, she did her own thing – Can’t blame her for that!

Madtown – OMGT

If it wasn’t for Madtowns member “Jota” being in “Cool Kiz On The Block” I don’t think I would have paid attention to them at all – But this changed with the release of “OMGT” (Oh My God Thanks). Again my decision to make this one of my favourites for 2015 comes from the dance itself, as well as a very catchy chorus. The groups as a whole has a way to go before they playing with the big guns, but I do feel this song has secured them a little acknowledgement among the K-pop fans out there.

Amber – Beautiful

Not gonna lie, but at first I was thinking, “oh Lord, I only have males in my list – there haven’t been any good female releases this year…” but I then remembered this absolutely amazing release from one of my favourite female performers. There is something pretty, raw, and honest about this songs lyrics, mixed with Amber’s truly underrated vocals, you couldn’t get a better combination. The song itself is a very personal one, and the video is simple yet explains itself without anything fancy – the video and song literally are “Beautiful”.

Seventeen – Mansae

I never watched any of the Seventeen programs, and I was borderline done with the hype about the group, but one day I thought, “What are you scared of? Just see if they are worth your time…” – Wrong move! When I finally got to hear their songs and decided to order their album I was left pleasantly surprised and completely hooked on this song. I found myself using this song as a quick pick-me-up as well as a great workout song which always seems to leave me smiling. As with most of my age, there is that growing fear that I might become pretty much biased to the group – and with the age gap so big its a scary concept. But who cares, their music is actually really good and they live up to their hype.

Sistar – Shake It

Out of all of the girl groups to come from Korea, I feel that Sistar are the only one to keep consistent to their fans and their songs. This song is full of summer feelings and literally left me wanting to pour water all over myself whilst washing dirty cars and laughing my head off. Definitely a keeper for the year!

Boys Republic – Hello

Bringing things down a notch and back into the realms of full out chill, I couldn’t leave out this great song. After getting to see them in concert in London and then meeting them face to face at their Universal Studios office to interview them, I really felt that these guys haven’t been given enough promotion or love and that they are sorely overlooked.  The song and video shows a different side to the members as they take on a mellow love story  of broken hearts – where previously Boy’s Republic have shown a more party going atmosphere.

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