JaK Wave Roundup: VeteranSplasher’s Happy K-pop 2015 Review (part 2)



Following on from my previous article where I couldn’t do a simple top 10 of 2015 and instead decided to do a top 20 – I re-visit some of the key songs of my 2015, and along the way fangirl slightly (only slightly). There is a good mixture once again but I would love to hear about your top 10 of 2015 as well, so be sure to comment bellow or comment on one of our many social media pages.

Monsta X – Hero

As soon as Monsta X came out I already had a feeling I would become pretty connected to them – I wasn’t disappointed. Hero is one of those songs I turn to in times of boredom or if im in the mood to watch some pretty nice dancing. The trumpet in the chorus is pretty darn addictive and you will find yourself humming the tune throughout the rest of your day. I also feel that this song showcases the rapping of the members and the vocals a lot better.


Uniq – EOEO

Similar to Monsta X, Uniq has a very low ground boy band hip hop sound, a very catchy chorus, and skills in both singing and rapping. Not a lot of people have given this group a chance yet, but I feel they have a lot of room to grow, but this song is a tune and half for me.


Bastarz – Zero For Conduct

Its pretty obvious that im a Block B fan anyway, so it was an obvious fact that I would possibly like the sub-units release. What I was not expecting was a song I could practically dance and thrash around to with not a care. Its powerful, empowering and still reminiscent of the Block B vibe (but what do you expect with a tune written by Zico?) – yet allowing individuality for the rightful members. Absolute anthem!


Mamamoo ft Esna – Ahh! Oop!

Mamamoo is an instant hit for me, they are old school mixed with modern influences, and this release is no different. Esna as an artist I had never really heard of before, but then hearing her skills within this song allowed me to research her more. This is one of my favourites of the year for a fully female group because their voices are always consistent, alike to Sistar these girls have proved over and over that their vocals are true to form.


Iron ft Babylon – Blu

Since “Show Me The money” I have been an avid fan of Iron (another personal favourite is Iron and Jimin’s duet titled ‘Puss’) and when I knew that he was finally releasing his own songs I was over the moon. I work with my headphones on a lot, and personally Irons voice has this thing of making me melt – Please tell me I’m not the only one this happens to?! The accompaniment of Babylon’s vocals makes the whole song smooth in flow, and just adds a smaller element to making this a song not to be forgotten.


Rap Monster – Do You

As a fan of Rapmon, it would be sacrilege to not have one of the best songs he has written on my list. This song has literally pulled me from doing a lot of wrong choices and has also been used as a workout song over and over again. I was taken by the quirky way Rapmon uses his voice as well as the beat that never seems to stop me bobbing along – a warning though, blaring this out your car window will lead to stares and some very quizzical looks. The other song I desperately wanted to put on here but thought better of it was his other release 농담” which is another classic of his.


MFBTY ft EE, Rap Monster, Dino-J – BuckuBucku

If you haven’t heard of MFBTY – Where have you been? I feel that MFBTY are one of the most influential mixed hip hop groups going within the Korean entertainment market, and when they decided to collaborate with EE, Rapmon and Dino-J it was set that this was going to be a collaboration to beat all others.


TigerJ K – Blazing

Tiger JK is part of MFBTY mentioned above  (which consists of Bizzy and Tiger JK’s wife Yoon Mirae) but this song is a very empowering. The message within the lyrics are personal and the song itself has this ability to lift up your spirits and push you further in the right direction.  Without this song, 2015 would have been a lot harder!


Xia Junsu ft Tablo – Flower

With everything that has gone on with TVXQ and JYJ, it was only a small amount of time till one of the members spoke about the reality of living in the spotlight with endless lies, scandals and make believe stories within a touching song. Junsu chose a very opportune moment to release this song, and enlisting the help of Tablo – who has seen the devastation media can play on someone’s life at first hand, was possibly one of the best opportunities Xia took. This song was an amazing comeback for Junsu as a solo artist, but also a huge stepping stone to speaking out about his feelings  and relaying them to his followers and fans. A very powerful track, and music video that’s really worthy of a lot of praise.


Akdong Musician (AKMU) – 가나다같이

And to leave 2015 on a high, it was really great to see that Akmu are as fun loving as ever. This pair are continually growing in style and content, and I cant help but smile and feel happy when I hear them on my MP3. This was a special release to help children with their pronunciations, and as someone who is currently learning Korean language, it does help a lot.

So there we have it, the journey from 2015 to 2016 is finished and now a new chapter is upon us. What do I see for the future of 2016? Some more great comebacks from our favourite groups, some special comebacks from groups who were once disbanded (still waiting for a H.O.T and S.E.S reunion) and the never ending supply of rookie groups to come – Not to mention more worldwide concerts and fan meeting moments.

Thank you for sticking with JaK Wave throughout 2015, and I hope to see all of your support follow through into 2016, where we will all work hard to bring you news, reviews, education and fun throughout the year.

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