JAKWOW-J #16 – Body parts


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皆さん、こんにちは!今週のJAKWOWを始めましょうか?[Konnichiwa, minna-san! Konshū no JAKWOW-J o hajimemashou ka?]

Hi everyone! Shall we start this week’s JAKWOW-J?

This week we’ll be taking a look at the names for parts of the body, as well as a few useful phrases in case you get hurt and needed to see a doctor. 

Parts of the body!

顔 「かお/kaoFace
目 「め/meEye
耳 「みみ/mimiEar
口 「くち/kuchiMouth
鼻 「はな/hanaNose
体 「からだ/karadaBody
足 「あし/ashiLeg
手 「て/teHand
手の掌 「てのひら/te no hiraPalm of hand
お腹 「おなか/onakaStomach
腕「うで/ude] Arm
膝 「ひざ/hizaKnee
肘 「ひじ/hijiElbow
指 「ゆび/yubiFinger

And to use these, I’ll add a few phrases you might need if you were to go see an 医者 [いしゃ/isha/ – doctor]

___を切りました 「___をきりました /wo kirimashita

I cut my ___

___ にやけどをしました 「ni yakedo wo shimashita

I burnt my ____

ここが痛い/___が痛い 「ここがいたい・___がいたい/koko ga itai・ga itai

It hurts here/ My ___ hurts

Hopefully you never have to use any of these three phrases, but it’s always good to know just in case!

じゃ、今週のジャックワウが終わった!じゃ、次回まで![Jya, konshyuu no JAK-WOW ga owatta! Jya, jikai made!]

Well, that’s this week’s JAK-WOW finished! Until next time!

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