JAKWOW-J #17 – Daily greetings!



皆さん、こんにちは!今週のJAKWOWを始めましょうか?[Konnichiwa, minna-san! Konshū no JAKWOW-J o hajimemashou ka?]

Hi everyone! Shall we start this week’s JAKWOW-J?

Did you all miss JAKWOW-J? It’s been a week or two, because I’ve now moved to Tokyo! Look forward to lots of lessons as I continue my learning too, on a much more intense basis. Thanks to the fact I’m now living in dorms, I’ve finally realized the true scale of usage of the words I’ll be teaching today. They’re really simple and I bet you guys all know your greetings, but it’s important to get them solid if you’ll be saying each one probably 10+ times a day!

いってきます [ittekimasu]

I’m leaving!

This is what you’ll say when you leave your house/dorm. It takes a while to get used to, but it’s lovely to get a reply! Speaking of which..

いってらっしゃい [itterasshai]

See you later!

I honestly have no idea how to really translate this one, but it’s the standard reply to いってきます. Upon return, there’s a different set of phrases.

ただいま [tadaima]

I’m home!

Upon returning back, be sure to say this! You’ll be sure to be greeted with a load of…

おかえり/おかえりなさい [okaeri/okaerinasai]

Welcome home!

The first one of these is informal, whereas the second is more formal. Once you start using these, it’s really easy to get used to – and honestly, I’ve started to feel a little sad if there isn’t a chorus of ‘okaeri!’ to my ‘tadaima’. I’ll be bringing you more things that are useful for daily life, as well as my normal vocab/grammar lessons – hopefully it’ll be of use to you, and as always don’t hesitate to make suggestions for what you want to learn next.

じゃ、今週のジャックワウが終わった!じゃ、次回まで![Jya, konshyuu no JAK-WOW ga owatta! Jya, jikai made!]

Well, that’s this week’s JAK-WOW finished! Until next time!

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