jakwowj皆さん、こんにちは!今週のJAKWOWを始めましょうか?[Konnichiwa, minna-san! Konshū no JAKWOW-J o hajimemashou ka?]

Hi everyone! Shall we start this week’s JAKWOW-J?

This week, we’ll be looking at the word ‘わざわざ’ (態々). Luckily for us, the kanji isn’t really used – just the hiragana!

わざわざ is an adverb used to describe ‘especially’ doing something, or taking trouble to do something.


Thanks for coming all this way!

わざわざ~ (verb in てーform)くれた

Someone took the trouble to do something for you,and you appreciate it.

However, you would only use わざわざ for yourself in a negative situation – for example you were going somewhere, but it was closed. It can of course also be used in a sarcastic context or in other manners!

Another similar word is ‘わざと‘, which it shouldn’t be confused with. Although they both technically mean ‘on purpose’, there is no nuance of ‘taking the trouble to do something’ with わざと.

今週のジャックワウが終わりました!じゃ、次回まで![Konshyuu no JAK-WOW ga owarimashita! Jya, jikai made!]

Well, that’s this week’s JAK-WOW finished! Until next time!

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