JAKWOW-J #21 – ただ


jakwowj皆さん、こんにちは!今週のJAKWOWを始めましょうか?[Konnichiwa, minna-san! Konshū no JAKWOW-J o hajimemashou ka?]

Hi everyone! Shall we start this week’s JAKWOW-J?

This week we’ll be looking at the word ‘ただ’. It’s got a lot of meanings, so it’s really useful!

ただで働く  [tada de hataraku] – Working for free

In this case, ただ implies free.

 ただの冗談のつもりだった [tada no jyoudan no tsumori datta] – It was just intended as a joke.

However, in this sentence it’s being used as ‘just’

そのシャツはかわいい!ただ、ちょっと高いね。。[sono shatsu ha kawaii! tada, chotto takai ne..] – That shirt is cute! However, it’s a bit expensive…

In this final sentence, ただ is used to mean ‘however/but’, mostly at the beginning of a negative sentence. In more formal written situations, you can also write it as ただし.

今週のジャックワウが終わりました!じゃ、次回まで![Konshyuu no JAK-WOW ga owarimashita! Jya, jikai made!]

Well, that’s this week’s JAK-WOW finished! Until next time!

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