JAKWOW-J #20! 了解!



皆さん、こんにちは!今週のJAKWOWを始めましょうか?[Konnichiwa, minna-san! Konshū no JAKWOW-J o hajimemashou ka?]

Hi everyone! Shall we start this week’s JAKWOW-J?

Today, we’ll be learning one of my recent favourite words – 了解!

了解![りょうかい、ryoukai] is, as you can see, a compound made up of two kanji – the first meaning ‘completion’, and the second ‘to unlock’.  When put together, it means ‘acknowledged!’ or ‘rodger that!’ in a former setting. Simple, right? To confirm, let’s look at a few examples.

分かりました[wakarimashita] <–> 了解でした [ryoukaideshita]

This can be loosely translated to ‘I got it’ or ‘I understood’ – both have the same meaning, so you can vary your vocabulary a bit!

それは了解された。[sore ha ryoukaisareta]

That was understood.

了解です![ryoukai desu![

Last but not least, what is becoming a well-used phrase for me.. ‘got it!’

今週のジャックワウが終わりました!じゃ、次回まで![Konshyuu no JAK-WOW ga owarimashita! Jya, jikai made!]

Well, that’s this week’s JAK-WOW finished! Until next time!


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