JAKWOW-J #23 – Useful Verbs 2



皆さん、こんにちは!今週のJAKWOWを始めましょう!「minnasan,konnichiha! konshuu no JAKWOW wo hajimemashou!]  Hi everyone, let’s start this week’s JAKWOW!

This week again, we’ll look at 5 more useful verbs to build on with last week’s. Let’s get started!

行く [iku] to go

運転する [untensuru] to drive

取る [toru] to take

選ぶ [erabu] to choose

話す [hanasu] to talk

And that’s our WOW for now! Stay tuned for next week!

Published by VickyAngel

I'm currently a university student specializing in Spanish, Japanese and Italian, but studying abroad at Tokyo's 国際基督教大学 (International Christian University)! As well as languages, I've been around in the convention scene since 2009 in various capacities from attendee to organizer. As well as Japanese, I've got a love for all things Korean too! You can follow my Japan adventures at http://www.nihongoingcrazy.blogspot.co.uk/ .

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