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Possible story elements exposed below – If you are adverse to spoilers, proceed with caution!

At a very quick cursory glance, Oh My Ghostess! did not seem like the type of show I would be remotely interested in watching. Just skimming the blurb was enough to turn me against bothering with it… but with the absence of anything else that was good, plus another show I was watching losing my interest very quickly, I decided to give it a go.

Am I glad I did.

The plot is focussed around a timid lady called Na Bong Sun working for a famous chef (who she likes) who happens to be able to see ghosts. Played by Park Bo Yeong, you see how her character is incredibly shy with extremely low self-esteem who readily accepts blame for anything that goes wrong, as that is the role she has played all her life.


However, in comes a ghost who has issues of her own to sort out. Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi) is a ghost on a mission. She is struggling to ascend to heaven as there seems to be some unfinished business on Earth. She believes that because she died a virgin, she has to resolve that grudge by sleeping with a man of vitality within three years of her death to be able to leave Earth and not become an evil spirit. One day, she comes across Na Bong Sun, takes over her body and finds out that her boss Kang Sun Woo (Jo Jung Suk) happens to be that man! How convenient! Finding out Na Bong Sun likes him as well, the two agree to let Shin Soon Ae control Na Bong Sun’s body and try to seduce chef.


And so beings what makes this show so fun and interesting to watch. Park Bo Yeong essentially runs around most of this drama having to be able to play two different characters. And she pulls it off with aplomb. As the nervous Na Bong Sun she manages to make her tiny self seem even smaller by shrinking away and fearing everything but as soon as the ghost takes over, she becomes Shin Soon Ae completely. Even her speech patterns and mannerisms match Kim Seul Gi’s which must have taken a lot of work and practice to perfect. It was very refreshing to see how the world reacts to what is a very strong female role and that women can be very forward when it comes to sex and relationships too. Shin Soon Ae knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to go for it at any opportunity!


Obviously there is only so much plot to a show if it was as simple as seducing Chef and leaving the Earth having fulfilled her grudge. Enter a twist in the plot in the form of supposedly friendly Choi Sung Jae (Ju Hwan Lim). By all appearances he is a very friendly policeman and brother in law to Kang Sun Woo. Everybody knows him, he is always helpful and wouldn’t hurt a fly. As is a constant theme in this show, appearances can be deceiving. Without giving the plot away, the latter episodes in the show’s focus shifts from the comedic attempts to seduce Chef into a more serious trying to catch Choi Sung Jae.


Easily what was most impressive about this show is how the cast interact with each other. I believe any show, however terrible the plot is, can be pulled to a respectable level based on how good the cast are. In this case, the cast are great, the plot is pretty good, all this adds up to a show well worth watching! And I am glad I did.


Good Bits:

  • Park Bo Yeong
  • It was nice to see a strong female character taking charge of what they want and going for it.
  • Even the less important filler characters were fun to watch.

Needs Work:

  • Not necessarily needing work and not giving anything away, but I do slightly wish they didn’t use a certain plot device for Ju Hwan Lim’s character. Seemed a bit of a cop out (no pun intended).


.*Jay’s Final Score*.

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