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It is kind of cool to see that in the Kpop world (or at least in the MV side at least) the UK is becoming a popular visiting spot. Within the past couple of years, a number of music videos have graced our fair shores (admittedly, the majority of them are all in London) and with the release of B.A.P’s new MV that was filmed during the time they had their “London Attack!” for their Live on Earth show, let us have a quick trip down memory lane at the MVs that have been filmed on our great shores recently.

B.A.P- Where Are You? Where Are You Going?

It’s a departure from what they have done in the past- less “No Mercy” and more “Coffee Shop” but it is a nice sound from the boys! It does help that they are looking incredibly cute in the video, walking around various London and the south hot-spots. What definitely made me chuckle was when they were walking along a lock in (what looks to be) Camden, they walked past a piece of graffiti that said “Swag”- intentional or not, but it was a funny touch to an already humourous video. Nice to see that they enjoyed the capital when they were here!
Filmed in: Camden, Docklands, Westminster/Waterloo, various central London locations

Donghae & Eunhyuk- Still You

I really do adore this song. It is mellow, sweet and the MV was filled the kind of bromance that we love from these guys. This was filmed during the month of November in 2013 just after Super Junior’s concert in Wembley. I remember that weekend being a bit of a miserable one and in the MV there were shots of a rainy capital but that only added to the atmosphere of the video. It felt festive and warming and it gave the kind of vibe that you would want to snuggle up with a loved one and listen to this song whilst next to an open fire.
Filmed in: Regent Street, Carnaby Street

CNBlue- I’m Sorry

Probably the pioneers of Kpop Videos in the UK- CNBlue filmed this MV following their “LIVE in London” show in the IndigoO2. I like CNBlue as they have a less poppy sound than their other Kpop counterparts  and the feel of “I’m Sorry” matched the surroundings of the various rainy London locations that they decided to film in. It is a great song with a lot of iconic landmarks skitted around the video- see what you recognise!
Filmed in: Camden, Regent Street

G Dragon- Crooked

The Twitter/Instagram meltdown that happened when it was mentioned that G Dragon was filming a new MV in the city was intense. This track is my favourite out of the Coup D’Etat releases that he had (and the majority of the fans thought this too as he won numerous Mutizen awards) and the video, with Jiyong strutting and crashing around a murky East London was refreshing to see- if this was filmed in a studio it certainly would not have the same affect that it does.
Filmed in: Shoreditch

Hyorin/Hyolyn- Lonely

I do love Sistar- and I really want to see them live one day because I think they will be amazing! This surprise solo effort appeared mid last year with a mellow yet sad song with her appearing in various city locations. It’s probably the least known of the MVs on this list but it is certainly one that people should be checking out!
Filmed in: Various Locations in London and the South


So there we go! And I am starting to think that there will be a lot more over the next year or so! Who would you like to see filming an MV over here? Comment below!

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