Beauty Box schemes have become really popular with cosmetics-enthusiasts over the last couple of years, and when I stumbled upon MEMEBOX (pronounced Mi-Mi-Box) which puts together boxes stuffed full of amazing Korean beauty products, I was so excited I just had to try it out! I was lucky enough to trial one of their special edition boxes: Free From Oil & Trouble, which I’ll review below, and also to offer a second box as a giveaway item to all you lovely Wave Riders!! This is a big post, but stick with it it’ll be totally worth it! (Or if you don’t care just scroll down to the bottom for the Giveaway. I won’t judge 😉 )

About Memebox

144Memebox is a rapidly-growing company, born in South Korea and now headquartered in California, that aims to provide its customers with a selection of amazing Korean beauty products at a cost-effective price. Unlike many beauty box schemes, Memebox doesnt run a subscriber service, preferring customers to choose boxes appropriate to them with many to choose from, with a range of boxes to suit every skin type and budget! With so much on offer, it’s no wonder Memebox is the #1 provider of beauty boxes in Korea and is rapidly spreading across the globe!

My order from Memebox, despite coming all the way from Korea, arrived with me in a matter of days thanks to the Express Shipping option. And while I was expecting some customs charges on top, there were none: result!

146Opening the pretty pink box felt like opening a Christmas present. I had no idea what would be hidden inside! On top sits a menu card with details of all the products (including their RRPs), and below, nestled in tissue paper, was the selection of wonderous skin-saving products!

Every box has a range of full-size and sample products, in this box the full size products are Dr. Young’s U-Line Clearing Mist, the Cosrx Original Pure All Cleansing Bar and Ciracle Red Spot Cream. Completely ignoring the sample products, that brings the value of the box to $86; amazing when the box retails at only $23!! The sample-size products are LJH 5a Control Cleansing Balm, LJH Cellabel Recovery Balm and Verikos Teatree Modelling Mask with a mixing spatula included.


boxSomething quite fun about this box is that all the products can be used together as part of a good skincare routine! So to start, the LJH Cleansing Gel removes dirt, oil and makeup, following with the Cosrx Cleansing Bar for a deeper clean. Using the Verikos Teatree Mask next will nourish the skin and rebalance its natural oils. A quick spritz of Dr. Young’s Clearing Mist will control sebum production and hydrate the skin to keep it looking fresh. Dab some Ciracle cream on any red spots to treat, and then finish off with the Cellabell Recovery Balm which is actually a multi-functional BB cream, setting you up for a day of flawless, radiant skin. I tested all the products for one week before this review, and I have to say my skin has improved significantly!!

LJH 5a Control Cleansing Gel

LJH 5a Control Cleansing Gel (Oil-free)This cleansing balm dissolves makeup, dirt and excess oil as the first stage of a cleansing routine. The secret ingredient is Oleanolic acid, which contains moisture and collagen within the skin to retain a soft, healthy complexion.

The gel is clear and thick, and a pea-sized blob is about all you need to massage into damp skin on your face. When massaging, it spreads easily and turns from the gel into a more oily substance, helping to balance the natural oils within the skin. It washes off easily, and left my skin feeling lovely and clean with a soft feel. It can feel a little oily on the skin while massaging it in, which feels a bit counter-intuitive to be rubbing it into problem-skin, but hey it does seem to work!

Cosrx Original Pure All Cleansing Bar

149I should first mention that I really hate bar soaps, so I was slightly dreading testing this one out. I worry about bacterial build up, scummy soap residues, and general grossness associated with semi-used bars. But I was willing to give the Cosrx bar a try.

After seeing lots of complaints about the herbal scent, I was expecting it to be overwhelming, but it really isn’t. It’s quite a soft scent, and not unpleasant at all. The bar lathers up quickly with a bit of water, and it was easy to massage the creamy soap over my face. Adding more water directly onto the skin, it foams up into a mass of bubbles like a foaming cleanser! It definitely does clean thoroughly, but left my skin feeling tight and a little sticky; issues I normally have with bar soaps. It also really, really made my eyes sting; just as a warning to those who can be a little reckless with washing stuff off their faces >.<

I think I’d prefer this product if it came in some sort of plastic tub to keep in the bathroom, as the card box isnt great for storing the part-used bar, but I dont want to leave the bar out on the side where it’s more likely to gather bacteria. I think this is one product I won’t be using much, unless I can scrape off just enough each time for a single use. Maybe I should test it out with my foaming cleanser net? I’d definitely prefer this in a liquid form.

Verikos Teatree Modelling Mask

verikosThis is an interesting one, and something I’ve never tried before. The mask comes as a powder with a spatula for mixing and a small ampule of aromatherapy liquid to prep your skin with. So you mix up the powder with water until it forms a thick, gelatinous goop and then spread it on your face. After 15-20 minutes the mask will be solid and rubbery, and you just peel it off. The mask has herbal extracts including teatree and licorice which cleans, soothes and nourishes the skin.

My first experience with the mask was really, well, weird. I mixed it up in a mug using half of the sachet and the recommended amount of water, and think it must have been far too watery as it didnt apply very evenly at all. I used my fingers rather than the spatula as it was a bit difficult to use. Peeling-off was tricker too, probably because it was too watery; I ended up rubbing most of it off with a wet flannel. However the second time I put the powder in first and then gradually added water until I reached a thick, smooth paste-like consistency. A little like thick yoghurt. This time it worked much better and almost all of it peeled off in one big piece!

My skin did feel nice afterwards; soft, smooth and very clean. But I’m not a big fan of the mask itself. This sounds lazy, but mixing it up is just way too much effort, and waiting 20 minutes until it can be removed is just a little too long for my liking when it feels so weird on; you can’t really take it off early if you need to either.

Dr. Young U-Line Clearing Mist

jartThis spritzing clearing mist uses teatree, evermat and alcohol to control excess sebum, while hydrating and soothing the skin. It also has antibacterial properties to fight spots. It can be used on the face and body, and the fine mist is quickly absorbed leaving no residues on the skin surface.

This is a great product to use straight after the shower when your skin is fresh and clean, particularly if you get acne on your chest or back. Using this twice a day for a week, I have noticed a difference, particularly with the tiny spots on my chest. It has a slight fresh teatree scent, which goes as soon as the product is absorbed. The hydrating effect is amost instantaneous, making skin feel immediately softer on use.

Ciracle Red Spot Cream

ciracleThis cream is dermatologically formulated to speed up the healing process of inflamed acne skin and reduce the appearance of redness, spots and scars. It promises to brighten and revitalise the skin, while healing and clearing away stubborn damaged skin cells that give a blotchy, uneven skintone.

I am in love with this product. They say there’s no such thing as an overnight miracle product, but I’m convinced that’s what this is. I’ve suffered from spots and acne all my life and hate the redness and scars it leaves behind. Just by dabbing this cream on any redness, spots or scars before bed I wake up with a more even skintone and their appearance diminished. The product is thick and creamy, and you need so little that the 30ml pot should last ages. It smells a little like suncream and does stay white on the skin rather than being absorbed, but is easily covered with a light BB cream. I will definitely be repurchasing this one when I run out!

LJH Cellabel Recovery Balm

Despite the name ‘Balm’ this is actually a BB cream, touting long-lasting coverage with no oils meaning it’s perfect for those with oily skin who might find their makeup slipping throughout the day. Going back to the original purpose of BB creams which included ingredients for treating and healing the skin of burn victims, Cellabel Recovery Balm uses a secret regenerative complex to treat spots, redness and skin damage from acne or UV.

This BB cream is quite thick with very good coverage; much more like a foundation but with the properties of a BB. I’m not sure if I just got lucky with the colour of the cream, but it blends seamlessly with my natural skintone. As it is thick, it doesnt spread very far, so be prepared to use more than you perhaps normally would of a BB cream. There’s a very slight baby powder scent to it. It sets quite matte with no need for powder. Really love this, I have a feeling the little sample tube isnt going to last me long at all!!


And now (finally!) a chance for one of you lucky readers to try out your very own Free From Oil & Trouble Memebox just like mine! Complete the Rafflecopter below to enter before midnight on the 26th of June to be in with a chance to win!

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And no worries if you don’t win, you can use this code to get $3 off any order at Memebox, making it even more affordable to try for yourself: 3UGW92

Good luck!

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  1. Posted by buchanl on June 15th, 2014, 18:50

    Waterproof Makeup looks good

  2. Posted by buchanl on June 15th, 2014, 18:51

    I would most like to try Dr. Young U-Line Clearing MistDr. Young U-Line Clearing Mist

  3. Posted by Erin Braun on June 21st, 2014, 08:53

    I think I’d like to try Pore Box 3. I haven’t ordered the first two and they both looked great.

  4. Posted by amee on June 25th, 2014, 09:00

    Nice review! I’d really like to try the clearing mist because my skin is very dry. And I’d most like to try out the K-Style Box. I’m fond of Korean make up :3