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For those of you interested in Japanese clothing and fashion, it’s probably not gone unnoticed how difficult it is to find clothes made to fit anyone above a certain size: small. Generally clothes from Japanese fashion brands will either stop at a size well below our British average, or use the “one-size-fits-all” label, which, lets face it, doesnt fit all. However, things might just be changing, which is great news for those of us with chests and hips a little on the larger side! Let me introduce you to new brand: Plumprimo!

Earlier this year a magazine was released in Japan called La Farfa, which aimed to showcase fashion on rounder figures, with a view to encouraging body positivity among young Japanese girls, who, like in most cultures, feel enormous pressure to look or be a certain way. In fact, Japanese teenagers have the one of the highest incidences of eating disorders globally.

The plus-size figure was coined “ぽっちゃり: pocchari” which roughly translates to “chubby girl”, but in a cute and positive way, without negative connotations. The magazine was a success, and has since collaborated with fashion brand Yumetenbo to produce a plus-size fashion range called Plumprimo, launched in Spring this year.

The brand essentially up-sizes styles from the Yumetenbo main brand, which means that none of the fashionable looks are lost to frumpier clothes, as is often the case with Plus-Size ranges. While the regular Yumetenbo brand carries sizes XS-LL (UK 4 – 12/14), many of the clothes in the Plumprimo range go up to a UK size 20! It is important to check the size charts of each piece of clothing though, because there is some variation, but in general this is giving thousands of women across the globe new access to cute Japanese fashion.

For international orders, the best place to go is Rakuten, which now has a much easier English user interface!

On Rakuten, the size charts are posted as images so don’t translate automatically, but here is a handy translation guide for those who need it:

Japanese English
身丈 Length (tops + dresses)
着丈 Length (skirts + coats)
総丈 Length (trousers)
肩幅 Shoulder width
袖丈 Sleeve length
袖口周り Sleeve circumference
バスト Bust
ウエスト Waist
ヒップ Hips
股上 Rise
わたり幅 Leg Opening
股下- Length from crotch to hem
裾周り – Hem circumference
素材 – Material
中国製 Made in China
日本製 Made in Japan
ウエストゴム入り Elastic Band at Waist
高さ Height
マチ – Width
横幅 Length

All measurements will be in centimetres and will be the  measurements of the piece of clothing; so bear in mind if your bust is 112cm and the top has a bust of 112cm it’ll be a close fit!

The style of Plumprimo aims to encompass lots of different fashionable looks, from cute to sexy; essentially they just want to give pocchari girls the same fashion options as their skinnier counterparts. The range is massive, so no worries about having only a small selection of clothes to choose from!

I’ve collected a few of my favourite Plumprimo looks below. The pictures are linked to their respective pages on Rakuten if anything takes your fancy! Some of the images even come from the La Farfa magazine so you can see how the brand is shown.

Cute ribbon jumper and piano print skirt

Pretty ribbon skirt with buckle detail and elasticated waist

Slouchy jumper dress

Pretty pastel floral dress

Sexy off-shoulder corset dress

Halterneck bikini and romper-style coverup

Adorable teddy bear coat

So far the brand seems to be doing well, it’s found a niche in the Japanese fashion market and is flourishing with international orders. There have been brands in the past that have tried to do a similar thing to Plumprimo and failed, closing down after a year or so, but hopefully Plumprimo will not suffer the same fate! I’m hoping that the success of the brand will pave the way for more Japanese fashion designers to take notice of the buying power of plus-size women and begin to expand their ranges the same way Yumetenbo have. After all, as La Farfa is demonstrating, women come in all shapes and sizes, and are all beautiful!

Let me know what you think of the range in the comments! Have you ever bought Japanese clothing before and been disappointed with the size options? Would you be interested in Plumprimo clothes? And what do we think of this new term Pocchari? Cute right?

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Sammi has been interested in Japanese culture and media since her early teen years and also enjoys a number of aspects of Korean culture and media. Her articles for JaK Wave are mostly centred around the innovative Japanese and Korean cosmetics market which continues to fascinate her with every new product release.

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  1. Posted by SugaMonster on December 16th, 2014, 20:39

    Please take my money Plumprimo!!!! Thanks for this article JaK Wave <3 I was getting tired of not being able to find this style of clothes in my size :* love you loads for this!!