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I talked about the release of Takara Tomy Art’s Lumi Deco Nail Stickers in this post, and promised to review them as soon as my order from Japanline arrived. The package arrived really quickly, and it’s taken me longer to get this post to you than planned, but better late than never right? 😉

lumidecopack I opened the package with excitable glee, I was so excited to try them out. They looked totally cute in the packaging, and getting them out I was pleased to find the details of the design are 3D. They’re really well made, a lovely strong sticker with the design printed absolutely perfectly. The nails even come with a file to make the job of applying them to the nails easy and convenient.

Then however, began the disappointment.

To begin with, the stickers are just too small. I first tried applying them to false nails so I could keep them for longer, which just didnt work at all. Then trying to fit them to my own nails, they are all just a little too narrow. Even the widest sticker couldnt cover my whole thumbnail, leaving a few mm either side. However I could deal with that. I guess people in Japan just have much smaller nails than me! I painted my nails a matching colour and began to apply them.


I’ve never attempted applying nail decals before, and it’s more difficult than I expected. The oblong shape of the stickers dont seem to enjoy fitting to the curved shape of a nail at all, so getting them to lie flat was a challenge. However with a little patience, some strategic manouvering and the help of an orange stick I eventually had them all applied. And they did look super cute.

nailsonThe LED sticker was a little more of a problem. This nail sticker is much thicker than regular decals to incorporate the LED, and this means that it doesnt really want to lie curved around a nail. Perhaps I should have used a nail other than my pinky; but it was the only nail that it fit on. It also cant be filed down like the other stickers as its just too thick and spongey, so I had to carefully cut it to size with nail scissors, taking care not to damage the LED inside.

I want to say that after I eventually got the nails on, the LED flashed happily away and it was all as wonderful as expected. But alas I cannot. I couldnt get the damn thing to work; I think that it has to be activated using the mobile app (the one that isnt available on iOS; damn you iPhone!), that or I just got a dud LED (or maybe I did damage it cutting it to size…). The instructions are all in Japanese and so far translating hasn’t been particularly easy. So despite encountering what I believed to be plenty of NFC opportunities for flashing nails galore, it didnt flash once. Lame.

However, even without the flashing I’ve never had so many compliments on my nails! Even with the slightly dodgy application, and the stickers not quite fitting properly, for the week or so that the stickers stayed on (and they stayed on much better than expected!) I had loads of people telling me how lovely they looked. So it wasn’t a completely wasted effort I suppose!

I’m sorry this review couldn’t be more positive. I wish that I could rave endlessly about this product that I was so excited to try out, but I cant. I would still encourage people to try them for themselves, but please check whether you can get the app on your phone before you buy (it’s available on most Android devices).

If you want to give them a go yourself, you can get a set for less than £10 at

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