Review: Shiseido Perfect Whip Washing Foam



The Shiseido Perfect Whip Washing Foam is a product I heard a lot about before deciding to buy it myself. Some of my favourite beauty gurus use it in their everyday skincare routine, and it was at the top of my list of products I needed to try. Using just a tiny amount you can whip up a handful of foam that dissolves oils, makeup and impurities for a brilliantly clean complexion!

The foaming cleanser obsession in Japan is something more of us should take notice of. The way these cleansers work is to form a thick lather in your hands and while the foam goes onto your face to remove dirt, sebum, makeup and impurities, your fingers are never supposed to touch the skin. There’s no scrubbing or wiping, and this helps to protect the fragile skin on the face. This is one of those Japanese beauty secrets that’s said to delay skin aging and maintain supple, healthy skin.

When I first used the Shiseido Perfect Whip I was a little disappointed. I couldn’t get the thick, creamy soap to lather up into the fluffy cloud I was expecting from the advertisement. However, I was still blown away with how well it cleaned my skin, and although after washing it off my skin felt quite dry and tight, it did look much clearer than before.

The next morning I tried again, and invested a lot more time into trying to get the product to foam up. It took some time, but by slowly repeating the motions of adding water, agitating the cleanser with my fingers and folding everything back into my palm I managed to build up a fair amount of foam. I still wasn’t particularly satisfied, so grabbed a clean powder brush, wetted it and used that to agitate the foam; it worked brilliantly, and much quicker than just using my hands! It still didn’t produce mountains of foam, but easily enough to cover my face.

This time, the foam felt lovely on my skin; really airy and light, but when I massaged it with my fingers there was a definite barrier between my fingertips and my face; exactly as advertised! It washed off really quickly and easily, and left my skin feeling clean and refreshed, with none of the dryness from before.

After using it for a little while like that, I invested in a foaming cleanser net, which I would recommend to anyone wanting to use a foaming cleanser! A tiny blob of the cleanser lathers up into a fluffy mountain of foam almost immediately; just like in the advert. And with such a great volume of foam it really does do exactly as it says. It feels so wonderful on the skin and cleaned perfectly.


It seems like such a shame to put my makeup on when I’d spent time getting my face so flawlessly clean, although I think my makeup stays on much better than usual after using this; probably due to removing the excess oil from my face! Every time using the cleanser since I’ve had similar results which I’m ultimately very pleased with.

Overall, I think this is a great cleanser and I can see why it’s so popular. It’s become a regular part of my beauty routine, and so far the bottles lasted months as you only need to use such a tiny amount!

I got mine for £5.55 on eBay, but it’s also available at Lunatu for £6.75 or YesStyle for £8.90.

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Sammi has been interested in Japanese culture and media since her early teen years and also enjoys a number of aspects of Korean culture and media. Her articles for JaK Wave are mostly centred around the innovative Japanese and Korean cosmetics market which continues to fascinate her with every new product release.

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