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The Bawdies

The Bawdies are a Japanese rock band that is often referred to as “The Beatles of Japan”. Now, nine years after their first album release, they finally hit the stages of Europe! I had the pleasure of meeting them before their concert in Düsseldorf, Germany on the 3rd July. If you’re interested in what it’s like to be in a Japanese rock band, be sure to check out the interview below!

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers of JaK Wave and tell us a bit about yourself?
Roy: Hello! We are the Bawdies! We make Soul music, Rhythm’n’ Blues and Rock’n’Roll. We want to create something new by absorbing Roots music. I’m Roy and I’m the vocal and play the bass.
Marcy: I’m Marcy and I play the drums.
Jim: I’m Jim and I play the guitar.
Taxman: I’m Taxman. I play the guitar and I’m a vocal.

When did you start making music? And what or who were your early passions and influences?
Roy: We grew up together. We used to play basketball in the same team when we were 7 years old. One day, when I was a high school student, we went to a record shop and they played Rock’n’Roll music in the store. It was “The Sonics”, do you know them? I heard them for the first time there and it was so amazing. We wanted to play just like this! I think that many young people don’t know real Rock’n’Roll music, so I think we have to show the young people in the world what real Rock’n’Roll music is like. That’s why we play right now!

Since your music is influenced by the 50s and 60s, was that an era you would have liked to have lived in?
Jim: Yes, we would love to!

Why? What fascinates you so much about this time?
Roy: I think that 50s and 60s music has a more powerful energy than the music nowadays. And we would also like to go to many gigs of bands and artists of that time like Sam Cooke or The Rolling Stones.

What do you like most about being a musician?
Jim: It’s just like a circle, you know? We make a record, share it with many people and then we make a new one and so on.
Roy: We can also make a lot of people smile!

You released your first album in 2006 – would you say that your music style has changed a lot since?
Roy: I think that music is always changing, but we still keep our style. We love Roots music, but we also want to create something new.

And what about you personally? Has anything changed about you as a person?
Jim: No, nothing.
Roy: We’re always together like a family. We’re like brothers, so nothing changed.

How do you feel about having a tour in Europe for the first time?
Marcy: We’re really nervous.
Roy: We’re so excited. And we’re really looking forward to the European audience and their reaction. We want to show them Japanese Rock’n’Roll.

What do you think about the things you already experienced here in Europe?
Taxman: The beer is so good! And we also ate sausages and pork yesterday and we loved it!

After finishing your European tour, what are your plans for the future?
Roy: We want to make a new record and hope to come back soon for another European tour, maybe next year. We really hope to come back!

And that is that! After the interview I also had the opportunity to attend their powerful concert. Please look forward to the review that will be uploaded soon!


Many thanks to Torpedo Productions for the interview opportunity!

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