The True Beauty Of Seoul Through Time Lapse.


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Through my random video rummages I have stumbled across the definition of beauty in South Korea. With the recent articles by our very own NessieChan and with TV shows such as 1Night 2Days, Running Man and various other Korean TV shows, you are able to grasp glimpses of Koreas beautiful surroundings and what they have to offer visually to the eyes of its visitors and inhabitants – But to see this country through time lapse gives the country a whole new meaning of true beauty.

Now a few of you may be asking “What is time lapsing?” – when a camera takes a sequence of images of a subject or view with an interval of time between each image/frame, and when the images/frames are played back the interval of time is sped up creating a shorter time. Another way is by taking a video a normal speed, but then speeding the video up by at least 40%, its there to tell a story or show a lot of information in a short time.

In this case I was inspired by Youtuber ROK ON! and his time lapse video of Seoul. He stated on the videos information that “I worked three years on this Seoul Timelapse/Hyperlapse. Three years of no social life, three years of ditching my friends and events and ignoring my girlfriend so I could be out on some roof. Each shot was on average 6 hours of work. Some shots I reshot 4-5 times until I got it right. Around 400 pictures each time I went out but I would end up using around 200 for each clip at 99fps.Each clip on average is 1 second 22 frames. Close to three terabytes of storage.” – He has shown pure dedication to producing this one video, but I think we can all say he did it with such grace and the video is definitely a hit.


Next up I decided to check out the differences in Seoul over the past 4 years starting with the year 2010 and looking at thesubmarine9님의 채널 videos. Something that grasps me with this video is the inclusion of the people walking the streets, I don’t know about you but I am a person who can go into a cafe, sit back relaxing and just watch people go past along with the minutes I’ll never get back. It’s all worth it though as you will see in the following video.


A whole year has gone past and thesubmarine9님의 채널 has decided to do another time lapse video for 2011. It is great to see how much areas have changed over just a measly 365 days and usually by our own hands. The ambience of this video for me has to be one of my favourite bits about it, with the inclusion of the different types of weather, scenery and the inclusion of Lotte World.


2012 brings a new youtuber by the name of Pierre Ogeron who has documented Seoul from his own point of view and the many markets and shopping streets that South Korea can offer. What is a nice surprise is when he goes to a birds eye view of specific streets and you can see parades and festivals happening along the rivers and around temples in the city itself – At this point I am finding myself falling deeper and deeper in love with the country.


Kyobok Koo manages to capture people looking like ants and cars looking like those that a child would play with, they also capture the moment where day turns to night and how different the city looks with natural light and with the lights we choose to turn on at night. Being a city in the year 2013 where advertising is gold dust, the use of lights is a huge factor but this is something I never realized until watching these time lapse videos. In reality these lights are what make the beauty for me.


And lastly the most recent video for 2014 by Hwajoon Ji captures the change in the skyline with the increase of buildings and the scuttling seemingly hovering boats on the river to some fast paced music. The lights are brighter than ever, and the city is still as beautiful as can be but if you compare this video to that from 2010 there are some major changes.

Thank you for taking some time to see the different sides of Korea that you don’t usually get to see, or would never truly get to experience. These videos have been completely inspirational to myself and I hope that you get the same feeling from them. If you have any other videos similar to this please do include them in the comments as I am sure others including myself would love to see them.

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