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Hello, Wave Riders! 
JaK Wave sees its 1st Birthday this month!
To celebrate, it’s COMPETITION TIME!

As we here at JaK crack open the bubbly to commemorate our first full year riding the Asian Wave with you all, sharing with you top news and reviews, concerts and dramas, food and fashion, we want to share something more with YOU, our readers!

We want to give YOU the chance to get in on the team as a regular featured writer!

JaK Wave is growing fast, and we have always been a website made by the fans, for the fans. And now we feel it’s a great time to get some of our readers involved a little more in what we’re all about. You guys have been with us all this way, and so you know what you would like to see – this gives you the opportunity to bring to JaK what you want to share with the rest of the world!

We are looking for people who are passionate, knowledgeable, and with a clear and enthusiastic writing style to follow us into our second year, and beyond! Every member, including the senior staff, do this voluntarily, so there is no wage, BUT there are a great number of other perks to make this position worthwhile! Everyone puts in at least one piece a week, life permitting, and each of us is willing to help each other when things come up. The one thing we do aspire to, though, is to be a fun and friendly team, where everyone has the freedom to share their love for their favourite subjects! 

Being on our team doesn’t only involve writing about the things you love from your favourite Asian cultures, it can also involve getting to go to special cultural events, concerts, and screenings, and covering the stories as a journalist! Also, there are chances to sample products from various food and cosmetics companies!

We are giving FOUR lucky aspiring journalists a regular spot on our site; TWO for the Korean Team, and TWO for the Japanese Team! Every writer at JaK has a specialist country, but we do allow for some crossover, as how can you not love both!

This is the first round of two – finalists from the first round will be selected to go through to the second stage of the competition!

To Enter:
You need to submit to us an article written by you on the following topic:

Popular Holiday Destinations and Tourist Attractions in Japan
Popular Holiday Destinations and Tourist Attractions in Korea

This is a chance to show us your factual writing skills! Show us you can write all about the exciting places you can go to on your holidays in Japan and Korea, and all the beautiful and fascinating attractions that await aspiring travellers across the other side of the globe! Round two will exercise a different area of writing skill!

Send your entries to [email protected] with the subject line:
Writers’ Competition Entry Round 1 [Japan/Korea – (DELETE AS APPROPRIATE)]
Make sure to include your Name and Location. Save your article as a Blog Page format if possible in an MS Word file or equivalent, and if you include any images, either make sure they are inserted into the article, or attached alongside your file.

If you choose to write about both Korea and Japan, please make sure they are two separate articles and sent in separate emails! This makes it easier to sort out which team everyone is playing for!

Closing date is 31st August 2014.

All entries will be reviewed, and finalists will be both contacted by email, and announced in the Second-Round post here on JaK Wave!

    Get researching, get your journalism cap on, and GOOD LUCK!


Conditions for entry:

  • UK/Eire residents only.
  • Only one entry per person, per subject.
  • Entries submitted AFTER the closing date will not be included.
  • Every entrant can try out for each subject, but can only be chosen for one team after stage 1.
  • Sources and credits for images MUST be included: information sources can be placed at the end of the article. Image credits can be placed with the images, or at the end of the article along with the sources.
  • Please be sure your article is all your own words – plagiarism will result in direct disqualification.
  • Quotes from other pages are acceptable in moderation, and must be clearly marked and credited.
  • Any images used MUST be fully credited, and NOT cropped or edited unless they are from a Free-Use source.
  • Images must NOT be larger than 600px wide, and no bigger than 500px long.
  • Entries MUST include your location to ensure only UK/Eire residents are entered. Entrants OUTSIDE of these areas will NOT be included.
  • Entries by email ONLY. Entries received by other social media will NOT be accepted.
  • We do NOT share your details with any 3rd Party without your EXPRESS permission, and will never sell your information to anyone.

Published by SurfinHaruru

SurfinHaruru is Sub-Editor, Head Graphic Designer/Coordinator, and Resident Photographer at JaK Wave, and manages the Korean Language section of the site. He loves Asian culture - living with Chinese culture day-to-day, and studying Korean in his spare time. He has a passion for Asian cookery, dramas, and music, and enjoys attending Traditional and Modern cultural events frequently.

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