Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0: Analysis and Review


Yu-Gi-OhToeiLogoYu-Gi-Oh!, usually known as Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0 to avoid confusion with the bigger “first” series, was the first anime adaptation of the manga with the same name. The series was produced by Toei Animation, and was shown on TV Asahi in Japan. It is based on chapters 1-59 of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga series.

Season 0 is a bit darker than season 1, Yami is almost cruel and definitely unforgiving in the beginning, and his actions do scare Yugi a bit. There’s also a lot of attempted murder (and deaths!), and with the colouration of the anime being so unusal to the… usual colour spectrum, the season can be a smidge off-putting. It does look very strange. At points. But it also carries Yu-Gi-Oh!’s infomous love for friendship and Yugi risking everything to save his friends. However, Yami is an over-protective sadist, so the season is kind of awesome.


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As the season goes on, you see a lot of character development, not only for Yami and Yugi, but for the others as well. And Tea goes through that awkward crush moment that she does during the other Yu-Gi-Oh! seasons.

This first season of Yu-Gi-Oh! was actually a little too violent, so it was never dubbed, and therefore, if you want to watch it, your best bet is going to be online, and you’re going to have to settle for subbed.

It’s the hidden jewel of the Yu-Gi-Oh! world, and if you’re a fan, and you haven’t watched it – why wait?
Oh, also, you know the green hair jokes about Kaiba? Yeah. This is where they come from.


Source: fanpop.com

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